This Machine

by bn deluxe

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released September 2, 2015



all rights reserved


bn deluxe UK

The second album by bn deluxe, 'This Machine', is released in September 2015. They love punk rock, eighties pop, kraut rock and psychedelia. Out of this they create their own version of pop music.

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Track Name: The Show
What's the point of worrying about
where you go when your time has run out?

The show will go on

The world doesn't turn around you
If you're lucky you had someone who cared about you

The show will go on

Do you dream of a world in the sky?
Where do our dreams go after we die?

The show will go on
Track Name: Euphoria
All aboard the train to Euphoria
Track Name: Futureland
We were watching television looking through our TV eyes
To a future out there somewhere that would take us by surprise
We were hoping for a promise that would lead us by the hand

Lead us straight to the Futureland

We were gathered in the classroom dreaming of our ideal homes
going back to little houses we must wait until we're grown
We were sitting by the TV given things to make and do
every day our dreams were ended by the early evening news

Lead us straight to the Futureland

Well it's forty years later we're still watching our TVs
did we get what we had hoped for or forgotten all our dreams?
We may have swapped our playhouse for a different set of keys
but we're locked inside a nightmare and it's called reality
We were hoping for a promise that would lead us by the hand

Lead us straight to the Futureland
Track Name: Blinded
Ignorance is bliss
Hesitation of the wise
Making bad choices
but they fail to realise

Miscalculation of the power of our minds
We are blinded and we're led by the blind

Don't be a victim
of the negative effect
The self promotion
of a lower intellect

Knowledge of the wise man
but he thinks he is a fool
Making his assumptions
he forgets this golden rule
Track Name: Dead By Wednesday
We'll be at work on Monday
trudging through the rain
Bodies aching, breaking over again
Nowhere to party Tuesday
nowhere to catch a smile
Everywhere is early closing, seventies style

We could be dead by Wednesday
we're running out of time
Our contract says we're running way past our prime
Pay your respects on Thursday
as we lie in state
Pay homage to the dream of a new leisure age

Looking forward to the weekend
good times are coming soon
We're waving at you, floating round the moon
Soon every day is Sunday
waking in the afternoon
You'll see our shadows in the light of the moon

There are no angels
There are no angels here
Track Name: Submarine
I never wanted to be under water
to be somewhere where I cannot breathe
On the surface I could see horizons
while I'm taking in the atmosphere

Going under
In my submarine

Under orders I am mobilising
leaving harbour going out to sea
Under the surface I am always hiding
all communication lost to me

Breaking silence I can send my message
to the people that I leave behind
I never wanted to be under water
but my attitude has changed with time

Sailing deeper into stormy waters
heavy weather left above me now
With the fishes I can swim more freely
at least as much as this machine allows
Track Name: Emperor
You've got to do
Whatever I dictate
Acting like an emperor
Whatever I dictate

It's like a drug, I know I have your trust
You've been mugged, you're not alone, come along with us

You believe that you're making a difference
I believe that nothing will change

We know it all - every note you play
Every word - from a script that we made you say
Track Name: Reach For The Stars
I'm in the gutter
I never dream that I'll see the stars
Under the weather
sinking under
In minus figures
hidden givers
never glimpse my world
I'm sinking under
under cover with my daydream girl

I'm only sleeping
It doesn't seem as if I'll start to breathe
Behind the curtains
so uncertain
Beyond the window
I can't see into
other people's minds
Never feeling
only dreaming of a new surprise

I won't be sharing
I can't spare you any things of mine
I keep them hidden
my only treasures
Stars are shining
making shadows
in the darkest night
I won't be with them
I'll be hidden waiting here inside
Track Name: You're Insane
Sometimes I think that I have gone mad
but what does that mean?
Sometimes our sanity is tested
things aren't what they seem

Am I mad or are you?
or are we only human?
We believe we are normal
If we believe that we must be insane

Sometimes we're suffering in silence
and no one can tell
Sometimes appearance is deceptive
and our minds are unwell

Some people suffer from a weakness
inherited genes
They just might need more understanding
underneath what we see
Track Name: The Comedown
Climb to the top of the tree
is a plan that's not for me
Don't want to fall to the ground

Come down to reality
Come round to what's good for me

It's a comedown
Such a comedown

I want to express myself
Don't want to keep it neat
We need equality

I want technology
that really works for me
I love our history